More Serious Steps Along the Path

Recently I decided to become a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin.  Not only am I looking for some more guidance and fellowship among other people interested in or following the spiritual path of Druidry, but I’m also looking for a little more structure and guidance in developing a foundation for my own practice in Druidry.  Right now I’m starting to work on their Dedicant’s Path, which requires a lot of writing, and I intend to post (polished) drafts of these here.

I’m also trying to do more for my mind and body’s health, especially now that I have the last of my summer vacation (as a teacher) before I need to start preparations for the coming school year in August.  I’ve been doing more yoga, long brisk walks, daily meditation, and I’m trying to figure out an appropriate daily devotional ritual to do that utilizes the basics of the ADF ritual structure.  I really like the ideas I find there, and I find it a refreshing change from the ceremonial magic-based four quarters, and something that resonates with me, but following someone else’s rituals always seems weird for me.  They are so personal that I want to write my own mostly from myself, though I don’t really have the necessary background knowledge to do so in this new format.  That’s what completing the Dedicant’s Path is for!

I also want to do more to connect with other pagans.  Last night I went to a public grill and drumming event hosted by a local Asatru group, which was nice though a little weird to be hanging out with other pagans — a new experience for me, as I’ve been fairly solitary and not very open about my personal spiritual beliefs to most people in my life.  They were nice, and I hope to do more with them, and hopefully as we get to know each other I’ll feel a little more at ease.

At this point my biggest concern is being able to find balance in my life when the school year starts.  I want to make sure I keep time for physical health, mental and spiritual well-being, and socializing with other like-minded people.


2 thoughts on “More Serious Steps Along the Path

  1. Hi Rose,
    I am finally catching up on reading blogs. It looks like you are following the Dedicant’s Path for the same reasons I am. Balance-spiritual well being and socializing with like minded people being chief among them, as well as getting back to a more disciplined yoga practice-which I think help clear the mind for all this training. I look forward on checking in again-I like your insight!

    • Good to hear from you, Menerva! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog lately, and it’s always neat to have comments on my own blog from bloggers I read. You say that yoga helps clear the mind for all this training. I personally had been framing it similarly to myself: that it clears the body for the training. I carry tension from stress and worry in my muscles, and often feel physically tired from the stresses of work and the rest of life; in order to meditate and such, I have to clear the tension and exhaustion away and start fresh. Yet, my mind is always going a mile a minute, so I suppose that it clearing the mind is just as helpful!

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