Brighid Devotional (Elemental Cross)

I’m always tinkering with the words, but here’s the current version:

[touch forehead]
By Brighid’s Eternal Flame I am inspired and find courage
[touch heart]
By Brighid’s Warming Hearth I am warmed and made gentle
[touch abdomen]
By Brighid’s Deep Well I find wisdom and vision
[touch both shoulders with the hands and bring around front, as if putting on cloak]
By Brighid’s Green Mantle I am healed and protected

Thanks be to you, Brighid
Exalted Goddess, Beloved Saint
For your many blessings

Background information:

One thing that the AODA‘s First Degree curriculum (outlined in The Druid Handbook by John Michael Greer) is the development and daily practice of a personal “Elemental Cross”.  Visually it reminds me a lot of the points of the cross gesture that I’ve seen Catholics do; I’m not entirely sure what it’s called, but they touch the head, the heart, and then the two shoulders.  This is part of their Sphere of Protection ritual, which I haven’t really done myself in full, but I did like the version of the “Elemental Cross” that I developed.  (It’s quite different than their recommendations, but I must still give credit for the idea to AODA.)

I incorporated images that I have often seen associated either with the Irish goddess Brighid/Brigit and with the related St. Brigit, namely:

  • the Eternal Flame that burns in Kildare (once tended by priestesses, now tended by nuns), and I also associate her fires with the inspiration behind poetry and smithcraft, both of which are associated with her
  • the hearth that is associated with the goddess Brighid (she was a goddess of “home and hearth” among other things, and there are many traditional prayers for Brighid to bless the hearth, to protect the home when the hearth is smoored, etc)
  • the healing wells that are associated with St. Brigit (and the holy wells associated with the goddess, which I believe were associated with visions)
  • the green mantle that the goddess Brighid spreads over the land at Imbolc to bring spring and new life — closely linked with a mantle that one may leave out on the Eve of Imbolc for Brighid to bless as she passes by, which will then be bestowed with healing powers

In addition, I often tag the title “Exalted Goddess” to my prayers to Brighid, as her name means “exalted one”.

Throughout the short prayer I include Celtic virtues (gentleness, wisdom, etc) or messages of security (healing, protection, etc), which makes the prayer flexible. I can highlight certain virtues I am currently focusing on embodying, or different messages of security that I need to hear and feel.

For those familiar with the ADF, I incorporated this very short ritual into Brigantia’s Devotional from their Dedicant’s Program, right before the “thanks be” stanza.  It took me a little while to figure out a daily devotional ritual that would work for me, that I connected with, but after some minor edits and additions to Brigantia’s Devotional I think I’ve figured out a good one for me.

14 thoughts on “Brighid Devotional (Elemental Cross)

  1. I love this, it’s so simple yet so expressive and has a real sacred quality about it. Brighid is so special isn’t she, one of my patron deities too 🙂

    • Its simplicity has been particularly important because while I may be able to convince myself that I don’t have time for a 10 minute meditation in the morning or a longer devotional, I always can find a minute or two for this.

      Brighid is definitely the main deity I pray to. When I was learning about and practicing Wicca in high school, I felt very connected to her, and it was that pull (and a love of Celtic music) that made me more interested in Celtic myths and traditions. Within the last few years I’ve also felt a strong connection to Lugh, and I think its a neat synchronicity to have Imbolc at one end of the year celebrating Brighid and Lughnasadh at the opposite end celebrating Lugh. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have played around a bit with AODA’s Elemental Cross and Sphere of Protection rituals, trying to give them a more Celtic feel, because AODA’s original versions don’t appeal to me much. I was never very successful, but I like your version; it makes a lovely, simple devotional.

  3. I just came across this post via Heather over at Say the Trees Have Ears – and I love it!

    Just the other day I found myself thinking back to the Elemental Cross/SoP exercise from AODA and wondering if I might come back to it and incorporate my evolving sense of polytheism and my relationship most specifically with Brigid. Your version is absolutely beautiful and inspiring! You’ve motivated me to put some more serious thought into this and see where it leads me. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Dear Rose

    I really like your form of the Elemental cross as well as the tea devotional. From these two small rituals I’ve read from you, you seem to have a talent for liturgies.
    I wanted to ask you, if you’d kindly give me permission to translate these two into German and publish them on my homepage with credits and a link back to your blog. Couldn’t find an emailaddress to contact you – so it has to be a comment.

    May Brighid’s mantle protect you

    • I will definitely give you permission to do so. Please share with me the links once they are translated and posted, because I studied German for a while in high school and college, and I would love to read the translated versions.

  5. Dear Rose
    Thank you very much.

    I translated it and published it here:

    The Tea-Devotional I will publish after Imbolc. The Brighid-Cross will even apear in the Imbolc-Group-Ritual.

    I’m glad to read that you’re better again. Hope it will stay that way or get even better. I follow seldom blogs, but you have a wonderful talent for writing and liturgy. Keep them alive!
    May Brighid’s healing blessing be upon you.

  6. I really love this and would like to use it as part of a daily ritual. Do you mind if I use it and give full credit to you?

    • Of course! I put these sorts of things online so that people can use and edit them for personal use. I only ask credit if you re-post/publish it anywhere or if you share it with others people.

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