Lughnasadh Rite Observed

I, a child of the earth, have come to honor the Kindred
On this Lughnasadh, the Feast of Lugh the Many-Skilled
He who leads the gods in victory against chaos.
The Sun is declining from the heights of Midsummer
And it now makes its long journey to the south.
It is the time of the first harvest, the first shared loaf
And to reestablish community and one’s place within it. …

O Lugh Lámhfhada, honored founder of Lughnasadh
You proved your skills and merit
To earn your place among the gods of Tara
As I seek to prove my own skills and merit
To earn my own place in my world.

Your honored your foster mother Tailtiue with this holiday
As I seek to honor the Earth Mother for the bounty of summer.

I laugh with you, Lugh, boldly as the warrior spirit within me.
With love, with honor, and with fellowship
I offer you this loaf of harvest grains
And this drink of summer’s bounty.
I give so that you may give.

I’m a few days late, but there was some personal stuff going on earlier this week. I figured I would wait a few days so that I could be more collected and get in the spirit of the holiday rather than do it according to a strict calendar observance.  Above are excerpts from the ritual I did, specifically the statement of purpose and my offering to Lugh, which I wrote — though these were inspired by other Lughnasadh rituals I’ve read as well as lore about Lugh I’ve read in various locations.

I did an adapted (simplified) version of ADF’s core order ritual structure, but my included the following:

  1. Grounding/centering
  2. Offering to the Outdwellers
  3. Honoring the Earth Mother (to Danu, based on this chant)
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. (Re-)Creating the Cosmos (focus on well/fire/tree)
  6. Inviting the Three Kindred – self-written verses, including ones for Brighid (my main focus), Ogma (ever an inspiration), and Lugh (also a personal inspiration, but especially because it’s a day to honor him)
  7. Offering to the Three Kindred & Lugh – berry juice, multigrain biscuits I prepared this morning, and pesto made from the first batch of apartment balcony basil we harvested this year
  8. Drawing of Omens – using Faeries’ Oracle deck (I’m working on an Ogham stick set for future rituals)
  9. Thanks to the Three Kindred
  10. Closing the Rite

I did the ritual outdoors but in a secluded clump of trees and shrubs in the yard of the apartment building I live in.  It was nice having this privacy where I could speak loudly and boldly without others’ presence to make me feel self-conscious!  My timing was excellent as well — I felt the full heat of an August afternoon, and right as I was walking back to the building, I saw swimmers heading in as well due to the oncoming dark clouds of a summer thunderstorm.  Within the next half hour it hit and began raining.  Had I started any later it would have made for a very wet rite!

I felt very purposeful throughout the ritual, and found it came quite natural to me.  It was easy to connect to the ritual, to feel its intent and meaning flowing from me to the divine, to the Three Kindred.  Even though this format is new to me, it really “clicked” internally and was easy to connect to, which makes me even more happy about my decision to follow the ADF Dedicant’s Program.

Currently I’m working on revising my essay about Lughnasadh, and I’ll post that when I’m finished.

EDIT: I’ve posted my essay about the lore and traditions of Lughnasadh, including an addendum of personal commentary on what the holiday means to me.  Read it here.


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