Tea Devotional

I drink this cup of tea in fellowship
With my gods and goddesses, the Shining Ones above,
With my ancestors, the Ancient Ones below,
And with my neighbors, the Noble Kindred all around me.

This cup holds the heat of the hearth and the poet’s tongue,
The waters of the sacred wells and rivers,
And the herbs of the nourishing Earth mother and land spirits.

I take this cup in fellowship
And honor the connection of all beings.
I raise my cup with an open heart
And drink with the blessings of the Kindreds.



4 thoughts on “Tea Devotional

  1. What a lovely prayer! I love these simple rituals, such as drinking a cup of tea and quietly honouring my kindred and the life that is around me.

    And I’m glad to see you back blogging again, Rose!

  2. Thank you! I’ve had some health issues these past few months — nothing serious, but I had to cut back on some areas. Hopefully I’ll get more time for blogging and making progress on my Dedicant’s Path program.

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