A Lapse

Sometimes I go through long periods of posting on my spirituality blog even though I’m pondering a lot about my own spiritual path and keeping up regular devotional prayers. I just don’t get around to the written reflection part.

Lately has not been that sort of time.

Lately I have not been really practicing.  Other than the Samhain stand, I’ve done very little, and I’ve felt spiritually empty.  It is weird going through this sort of phase. I start asking the big questions about life: What is this all for? Is this it? Is there a point? Am I making a difference? Am I a part of something greater?  Am I connected to something greater?  Is there something greater?

Work has been hard. Getting by day to day has been hard. Nothing “big and bad” has happened, it’s been just one tired sigh after another.

Time to get meditating again. Time to light a candle for Brighid.


2 thoughts on “A Lapse

  1. I think everyone goes through phases like that at some point. I’ve felt much the same way myself lately – my spiritual practice (at least the more obvious parts of it, such as meditation and yoga practice) has fallen by the wayside and I feel increasingly uncertain about where I’m going and what is the point of all these things I’ve tried to do in my life. It makes it hard to write as well. I think the best thing to do is not to dwell on the emptiness or feel guilty about the things that you are not doing and to recognize that this phase will pass and you will get back to your spiritual practice again. Those small daily stresses really can grind us down, but just keep moving and have faith that things will improve. Good luck on your journeys!

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