I’ve been a bookworm pagan for years, practicing off and on and looking into a number of spiritual paths, including Wicca, Celtic Reconstructionism, and Buddhism.

Recently I’ve been interested in following the path of Druidry, and I’d like a place to record and reflect upon my experiences.  I’d also like a place to share these experiences with others as I get to know more similarly-minded people off- and online.

I’m recently a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin, and I’m following their Dedicant’s Path as I explore and practice druidry more seriously.  I’m also influenced by the study and practice guidelines laid out in The Druid Handbook by John Michael Green (Grand Archdruid of AODA), so some writing may be based on ideas from this book.

Other major influences on my spirituality include dabblings into Wicca, personal study of Irish myths and deities (especially Brigit), and personal and academic study of Daoism and other Chinese beliefs and philosophies about health, spirituality, etc.  I also went to a few different Christian churches when I was a child (Lutheran and Nazarene), and those experiences also had a big impact on what I wanted and didn’t want from a spiritual path.

My life also includes being a public school teacher, vegetarian, fiancée, guitar player, and avid reader.


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  1. Greetings Rose,

    How wonderful to read a fellow ADF’s online journal and be able to explore our paths together by means of these online journals. Isn’t it strange that we have the same theme to our journal too? I like that misty, contemplative header…LOL It took me ages to find one that I thought summed up what my journal will be about and, of course, it had to have a body of water in it too! Strangely we seem to have quite a bit in common. I too am a teacher. I used to teach literacy and life skills to people with special needs (mainly adult) but now I teach Oracle Studies to people who wish to explore their paths through the use of oracle decks. We also seem to be drawn to similar beliefs. I am a practicing Wiccan with a strong interest in Taoism, Buddhism, Druidry and Shamanism. But as I was also a Christian many years ago, some of my old links with that are still there (mainly in bible scriptures that I still find have an important point to make even now). Ah yes, books…I can so relate to those as I too am a complete book worm. I have enough books here to start my own British Library! I look forward to keeping up with your online journal and sharing insights with you.

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