Hymn to Brigdet

Imbolc is coming. I will be singing this for my solitary Imbolc ritual.


I keep vigil…

I keep vigil
to the fire
in my heart.

Solitary Druid Fellowship’s current crowdsourced poetry project

In the heart of winter

In the heart of winter
I step outside and for a moment
there is only the sun
warming my ears

Solitary Druid Fellowship: Yule Ritual

I used the Winter Solstice liturgy from Solitary Druid Fellowship (a recently-added branch off of ADF). I have to say, it was really nice having a pre-made liturgy intended for solitary practice. It’s difficult being fairly new to ADF liturgy and feeling that I need to significantly adapt an existing ritual intended for groups or make my own ritual. This made it easier, and as I’ve noticed that my anxiety issues have previously interfered with doing rituals, especially with new groups of people, I needed some “easy”.

That didn’t mean I didn’t avoid the ritual until December 31st, ten days after I had intended to do the ritual … *sigh*…

But hey, I did it, and it was great. It was awesome to feel such a connection to my spiritual path. It’s honestly been a while since I’ve felt that. The best was the omen. I used the Druid Animal Oracle deck, and drew three cards for three questions:

  1. How was the offering received? = Blackbird
  2. What is the Kindreds’ response to the offering? = Hind (white deer) reversed
  3. Any other wisdom that the Kindreds would like me to learn? = Fox

After the ritual, my husband (who is supportive but not particularly inclined to participate) informed me that a herd of ten deer, does and yearlings, had passed through our yard near the end of the ritual. He took a picture for me:


After he told me this, we saw two stragglers (a doe and a yearling) pass by and head the same direction, making an even twelve … and were soon thereafter followed by a stag. The synchronicity of it being the last day of the year (12 months) and the last day of Yuletide (12 days), along with a deer (albeit a white one) showing up in my omen, was powerful and heartening.

Happy end of 2012, everyone! It was not the easiest year for me, and I’m pretty happy to see it go, and to also welcome a new year with new possibilities.

Today I recognize that I am worth of love

After reading The Gifts of Imperfection I wanted a reminder of the lessons it taught. I now read through it at least once a week, sometimes daily, and find it thoroughly centering.


Today I recognize that I am worthy of love
and that all beings are worthy of love

I stand my sacred ground
even as the winds of antagonism and insecurities blows around me

I will be brave, so that others can be brave
I will be my real self, so that others can be their real selves
I will shine brilliantly, so that others can show their brilliance

I will not be ashamed of being imperfect
I will not feel guilty for being imperfect
I will not succumb to regret
I will not be afraid of failure
because failure is inevitable
and it is merely a passing moment, not an ending
and being awful is not really that awful after all

I will lean into the discomfort
because anger and sorrow are part of being human
and if I experience any emotions
it means I can experience all emotions

I will cherish faith
and never let it go
because I have faith that the world will be a better place
and I have faith in the goodness of others
and I have faith in myself, today, just the way I am

I will remember and acknowledge my blessings
I have those who love my fully as the imperfect human I am
and I have all that I need

I recognize the value of sleep and self care
the time to rest, the time to play around
because this is the stuff of balance
and balance is the stuff of real happiness

Today I recognize that I am worthy of love
and that all beings are worthy of love

This book is changing my life

It’s not pagan-themed, but it is something I needed to read right now to be a better, more joyful person who lives well. It’s something I need to work through before being able to grow spiritually.

I found out about it from the author’s TED video:

The book: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown